FTP directory

Hi all

I have some problem regarding ftp directory .I had upload my sub domain file but i cannot see my website only can see blank page.

example :
Domain name : www.sub.mydomain.com

ftp server :ftp.mydomain.com
ftp user : xxxxxx
ftp password:xxxxxx
ftp directory : ???

What ftp directory file should i need to put in above ftp directory column? Can anyone help me ?

Thanks and regards

FTP normally connects to the user folder. So if you have a domain example.com you would need to FTP to /example.com.
If you have a folder within example.com called images you would FTP to /example.com/images.

If you have created a sub domain then it will be a separate folder so you would FTP to it. e.g. FTP to /subdomain.example.com.
Depending n your FTP client you might or might not require the opening/and/or/closing slash.


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Hi norm, thanks for your advice. but I still can’t find website, it show 404 no found.

Maybe i upload to wrong directotory or serve.Anyway, i have send email to support team about this issue.