FTP directory user - still don't get it

I thought I had the answer from reading the forums, but it’s still not working out. I want to give someone access to specific directory of my website - the images folder (of a joomla - based website)

I created and ftp user with password
I created the URL domain/images to remap
I remapped the that URL to the new web user ftp account I created

now when I login with the above user credentials I get the images folder shown as a subdirectory of the domain, but it’s not the same images folder of the main user account. It seems to have given the ftp user their own images folder rather than remap anything. I should have seen all of the contents of the image folder from domain/images/ but instead i just see an “images” folder that has nothing in it.

I wish this weren’t so perplexing. Please advise.

sounds like you need to read the wiki regarding the one user per site thing. there’s not an easy way to do what you want to do.

The article bobocat is referring to is http://wiki.dreamhost.com/One_User_Per_Domain_Policy

The last example shows what you are looking for, almost. The important things to note are: it won’t be the same images folder as the main account, and the main ftp account may or may not be able to access it. (with strictest security settings access would be prohibited, with lower security settings group access could be achieved, but on shared hosting it’s probably not a good idea.) The webserver would however serve the files with the same relative address, in your example that is domain/images.