FTP dir size

My account shows I have used 5GB storage. In FTP, I’m looking for the usage - but the dir size is only for the actual file, not the underlying files, as is done in windows, which would allow you to home in on the storage hogs.

How can I see where the resources are being used?

I do it via my local backup, which everyone should have. You can also do it in the shell with this command:
du -sh *

That shows Disk Usage -Show -Human readable format for all items in a directory, including subdirectories.

To sort it with largest entries first, try:
du -sh * | sort -nr

This will Sort on Number in Reverse order.


Log into a shell and use the du command.

[machine]$ du -h --max-depth 1 ~/share 24K /home/username/share/glib-2.0 32K /home/username/share/aclocal 4.5M /home/username/share/locale 14M /home/username/share/gtk-doc 56K /home/username/share/man 12K /home/username/share/pixmaps 19M /home/username/share [machine]$
WinSCP duplicates the Size behavior from Windows.

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Thanks, both.

Your replies also got me searching for other shell commands, and found this http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Shell_Commands
which will be of good use, I’m sure. Now to invoke the shell in command line rather than GUI mode… :slight_smile: