FTP Delete

I am trying to figure out why I can’t delete folders on my FTP that have files or other folders in them. Anyone have any ideas?

It’s simple. The directory must be empty before it can be deleted. If it contains files and subdirectories, you must delete them first. And iterating through the subdirectories is called recursion. Shell commands like rm have a recursion flag. And FTP clients may automatically recurse for you - issuing “change working directory” and “delete” commands one by one.

Perhaps you meant to ask a different question. If you are trying to delete a directory that appears empty, then your FTP client is not configured to ask for the “hidden” files whose names start with a period - like .htaccess and .htpasswd that the Apache HTTP Server uses.

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Check that there are no read only files in the folder. .htaccess files tend to be read only. This could prevent the deletion.

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All I know is when I was hosting with GoDaddy, I could hit delete and it would delete anything below it, but with DH, I have to spend half hour trying to delete one folder just because it has stuff under it…I don’t like this.

Also, does anyone know how I can set up CuteFTP to be able to see my .htaccess files? Once again, in GoDaddy I could see them, and with DH I can’t.

Yeah, that can be frustrating. but you shouldn’t have that problem. I don’t know if cuteFTP offers recursive delete or not (check your help file) but if not, you might want to consider a more full featured FTP client. If your FTP client supports recursive deleting, you will be back to a single delete command on DH. :wink:

Sure you can! That’s a function of your FTP client, not DreamHost. For how to set up CuteFTP to display hidden files,
The DH Wiki has instructions. So does Google, or once again, check the CuteFTP help.

It can sometimes take a little time to get adjusted to how things work differently at a different host; once you find your away around your FTP application, and DreamHost in general, you’ll likely never be happy with the "GDddy way of doing things again (DH is much more flexible and powerful from the users’ perspective). :wink:


Thanks rl… I had tried following those instructions before, and they didn’t match up with my version of CuteFTP… However I was able to play around today and found out how to do it… I also updated the Wiki to reflect instructions for the version of CuteFTP that I am using…

I do agree that so far DH seems to be much better than GD, it’s just trying to get over the humps and the learning curve in the beginning… I am still having a problem with my MX records that DH Support is trying to help me with.

You are welcome, and I’m glad your getting it sorted. Hopdully Support can get your MX issues squared away soon! :slight_smile:

Thanks for updating the wiki!