FTP customization

FWIW, I did put a support ticket through for this some time ago; either I didn’t explain myself well or the DH tech had a little too much crack to smoke that day. Gonna try this here before opening another ticket.

I have a client that needs to have moderately large (over 50MB) files sent to them, and in turn have a place for them to be picked up. EMail is not a reliable or desirable solution so it’s got to be FTP.

I set up a new FTP user as an isolated “guest” account and an associated subdomain (files.strassheim.com) for that domain with the guest account as the username that the subdomain “belongs” to. There are a few things I’d like it to do that it seems it just won’t do.

1…I’d like the account to automatically descend to a non-shell-home directory on an FTP login. The user config doesn’t seem to allow this so I’ve tried setting the various rc (.bashrc, even tried making an .ftprc) files to do this. Long story made short: It don’t work. In fact, even without those files my FTP log shows:

Status: Retrieving directory listing…
Command: CWD /home/netdcon/strassheim.com/files
Response: 550 /home/netdcon/strassheim.com/files: No such file or directory
…so it’s not even connecting to the right directory to start off with - it should connect to “/home/sgdguest” by default but its not even doing that (this portion being the issue seemed to be unexplainable to DH support for me and I’ve re-checked the domain setup several times).

2…I would very much like the FTP login to output a .message file but that is also a failed thing along with the custom directory.

Genius protips appreciated.

1 - is your starting directory being specified by your ftp client?

those log entries mean to me the client said switch to this directory and the server answered back I can’t (because that path belongs to a different user).

[quote=“LakeRat, post:2, topic:55348”]
1 - is your starting directory being specified by your ftp client?[/quote]

The remote dir field for that login is blank but I’m gonna go and recreate the entry just in case something else weird is happening.