FTP contents empty but site is working fine


When I FTP into our site all I see is an empty logs folder. NOT helpful. The wordpress site is up and working fine but having actual FTP access to the wordpress file structure would sure be helpful. An empty file structure is NOT helpful.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated.


By default your FTP’ing into the user root which has two files logs and the name of your website (myweb.org). You want to point your ftp program to use the default of /myweb.org as it’s default entry point


cd to home directory and your site directory …ie cd /test/yoursite.net


FTP maybe your issue… the logs are only available via SFPT/SSH…


FTP into the user account that actually owns the files.


If the OP is trying to navigate to the http logs folder it seriously is not available via FTP. Must use SFTP,SCP, SSH to access. Best reference I have is this post: http://discussion.dreamhost.com/thread-130819-post-140081.html#pid140081 but just for giggles before writing this post i re-enabled FTP on one of my users and verified that FTP indeed doesn’t fly…


I believe OP was complaining he couldn’t see the Wordpress file structure (only a logs directory).

This would be the case when a “domainless” user logs in.

The Wordpress files will be visible via FTP from the account that owns the files.


Success has occurred! SFTP was the issue. Or er the lack there of! Thanks folks for the kind assist! FTP hasn’t been something I use a whole lot so today I learned something which is a good thing. Again, thanks!


Was that part added “just for kicks” ?