Ftp confusion

This should be simple right? I have a domain, mydomain.com, and I want a user to login via ftp but be restricted to uploading files into a specific directory I create for them.

When I login to the master account I see the following directory structure…


I want to create a new folder here


and create a new user/password who has access to it.

When I create a new user, however, their default ftp access is? somewhere confusing? where is it?


Your best bet is to remap a subdirectory in that user’s own home directory:


Their own user area, with any domains/subdomains you have assigned to them. If you create sub.yourdomain.com and give a new user control over that subdomain, then the folder “sub.yourdomain.com” will appear along with the mail and log directories in their own user area.

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I’ve got a very similar desire/issue. I’ve looked into remapping a subdirectory, but that doesn’t seem to solve the “problem.”

As I understand, remapping the subdomain is at the URL level, per http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/KB_/Account_Control_Panel/Domains::_Remap_Sub-Dir

But we’re trying to create a clean directory for a user to drop-off and pick-up files. When i create a new user, they get their own user area (directory) which contains


I’d like to have the user not see those two sub-directories when they log in with an FTP program. So they can log into ftp.mydomain.com with their username and get an empty directory…

Those directories are apart of every user directory, and contain their mail and logs.

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