Ftp confused

Feeling like a dork.

I did the one-click install of phpbb and set up a forum as at a subdomain: forum.mydomain.com … When I set it up I must have skipped over some text I was supposed to enter that shows up at the top of the page. No problem, I’ll just edit the file …

Problem. I have no idea where it is or how to find it. It doesn’t show up in my manage domain section and it isn’t noticeable anywhere when I open up my site: mydomain.com with the ftp software and hunt around in there.

I know that I have limited ability to do things with the one-click but … does that mean I’m stuck with “A short text to describe your forum” in my header?

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Hi Sue,

Did you do the “Easy” one-click install?

At any rate, either way, you can edit the text you’re talking about by going to “Administration Control Panel”. You can get to it by either going to the link that appears at the bottom of the forum pages when you’re logged in as the admin user, or by going to “forum.mydomain.com/adm”.

From there you should be in the “General” tab.

From there click on “Board settings” in the left-nav.

The site name and description should be editable from there. Make sure to “submit” your changes. :slight_smile:

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