FTP changes?

Lets say my domains are xxxxx.yyy and zzzzz.yyy, just for sake of argument.

Up to yesterday (Jan 28, '6), I was able to FTP directly to xxxxx.yyy or zzzzz.yyy to transfer files. Now I get an almost immediate FTP error, which my client (Total Commander) translates to “No Response (timeout)”.

Interestingly, I have been successful with FTP to barry.dreamhost.com, then entering userid and password.

Has anything changed recently? I cannot find any announcements, nor have I received any email to that effect.


did one of your domains expire?

Good question! But nope. They still go for a while.

However, I’ve just tried the FTP to the individual domains and it works again.

I guess it was an intermittant issue of some mysterious nature I’ll never know.

Thanks for the idea. snokarver.