FTP: can not upload



When I try to upload with WebFTP, I get this message: “Permission denied in
/usr/local/ndn/web/webftp/includes/filesystem.inc.php on line 1145”. Also when I use a desktop client I get an error.

Whan can I do?


It may be a glitch in the program which suport will fix. How big is the file you are trying to pload?



I can not upload file and/or crate directory too.
I created a new user today.
This new user can not upload file, but the old user can.


I’m a new user too. It’s a small file, about 20kb.




Have you sent a message to support? The initial poster’s message seems like something’s up at the server end.



I am having the exact same problem. I am on spree.vinehost.com.


There is a note on the DreamHostStatus with reference to problems this morning with WEBFTP which I believe have been resolved now.


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It’s not just the webftp. I am having this problem with a client as well. Also, the problem has not been fixed yet.


Have you lodged a support request regarding the issue?

There may be a permissions problem on the server that support can rectify for you.


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