FTP Broken


Is Dreamhost going bust? Everything has been down for several days and I haven’t heard a single thing from support. My FTP is also broken.

I strongly recommend getting out (if you can).


Did you ever open a support ticket? Over in your other thread, a dreamhost employee indicated that you had not.


Unfortunately blindness must run prevalent amongst Dreamhost employees. I had opened 6 tickets over a two day period and not heard back once. It was 5 days until I had a response admitting fault with an explanation that they are ‘working on it’. I figured publicly outing them as incompetent on this forum may get their attention… but to no avail.

I’m not usually a pain in the arse customer. But when a hosting company messes up, costs me a few hundred dollars, doesn’t tell me what’s going on and then don’t even respond on their own troubleshooting forum (apart from to tell me to open a support ticket which I had already done several times) … I get a little agitated.