Ftp bandwidth quota


I set up a few ftp for some friends and i was wondering how can have a bandwidth quota to limit how much bandwidth they use?


The way you would have to do it is to set the ftp up as a domain or a subdomain (such as ftp.yourdomain.tld), as the Dreamhost Control Panel allows you to establish bandwidth throttling by domain, not by user.

You can get to this this setting from the Control Panel–>Status–>Bandwidth screen, and look in the “Bandwidth Throttling” column. By default you will find a link “disabled”, clicking that link will take you to a screen where you can establish throttling (and has an explanation of how it works).



Is bandwidth used by FTP measured (ftp://server.dreamhost.com)? The Bandwidth Usage Status page only lists bandwidth used by domains.



I believe that ftp bandwidth (linked to the domain of the ftp server the user is logged into) is included in the domain bandwidth stats, but I think it would take a contact with DH support to get an authoritative answer.



The DreamHost glossary suggests that FTP uploads at least are not counted towards domain bandwidth, but I have a feeling that FTP downloads are counted (and not just anonymous downloads)*.


[color=#0000CC]“Bandwidth transfer does not count FTP updates or email bandwidth, but it does count anonymous FTP downloads.”[/color]


Edit: *It seems that my ‘feeling’ was incorrect, only HTTP and anonymous FTP are counted. Normal FTP, both upload and download would appear to be uncounted.

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I popped on over to the freenode IRC channel for Dreamhost (#dreamhost), and asked…while not an “official” answer, I was told that normal user ftp isn’t counted towards bandwidth, but anonymous ftp is (and should show up in the bandwidth report). It appears that bandwidth is tracked by http and ftp logs, but only http and anonymous ftp is counted toward bandwidth quotas.

Again, this information should not be considered authoritative unless it is confirmed by DH support.



he he he… we were typing at the same time :wink: Thanks for the links! So webftp users would have the bandwidth usage counted, as their usage would be tracked by http logs?



As I understand it, and I may well be wrong here, the webftp application still accesses your server via the FTP protocol, even though it provides a nice web based interface that the user accesses via HTTP. As such, I think any downloads made through webftp would still end up in the FTP log and should be uncounted.

An easy way to tell for sure would be to download a few files using webftp then check the HTTP access log to see what (if anything) shows up.


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