I’m learning how to upload my website files onto Dreamhost from my hardrive.

I’m under the impression in can do this in the FTP section but all I see is a bunch of folders :

“Name Size Date Modified
Maildir/ 5/17/12 12:00:00 AM
logs/ 1/5/13 12:00:00 AM
2468.com/ 6/23/13 5:12:00 PM
2468.com.old/ 1/30/13 4:33:00 AM”

(ignore the “2468.com” I just needed to make something up)

Should I be using “WEBFTP”?

Also, what is the difference? Why does my username and password work in FTP and not WEBFTP?

In WEB FTP I see a spot that said “host” where I entered “dreamhost”, is that right or am I putting is something wrong?


in webftp, “host” should be your own domain name or yourservername.dreamhost.com.

webftp can be considered a “lite” ftp client. The advantage is that its always there, you can log on from any computer anywhere to make a change.

What’s lost with webftp are many features that other ftp clients make available to you. In short stick with the full installed ftp client. webftp can be used in a pinch but doesn’t have to robustness of something like filezilla or winSCP etc.

As for where to put your files:
Navigate to “manage domains” in the dreamhost panel.
find your domain on that page, and look at the “web hosting” column for that entry. It must say “fully hosted”, and if it does it will also have a user name there. You MUST log on to FTP with that username to upload files for that domain.
When you log into ftp with that username, one of the directories that will have been created for you is named the same as the domain name. The files for THAT domain must go in it’s domain folder.

Specifically if you put an index.php(or html/etc) in the folder named for the domain name it will be served for that domain.

What you can’t do: create your own domainname.com folder. I think many people see the examples and think they can log in to ANY ftp account, create that folder and go. THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. You must add the domain via “manage domains” and specify a user. The dreamhost robot will then go create the folder for the domain under the correct user.


OK, I think I understand now. I might have got but however I’m still doing something wrong, lol!

I got into WEBFTP under my Domain name " 2468.com ", created a folder and dropped my two files into it. Now I’m just stuck on where to go from here.

The files I have worked on are simple and I’ve opened them in my browser. Simple HTML and a little CSS.

I have this Domain attached to Wordpress and was hoping it would show there after I put my files in.

Wait, that’s even confusing me, LOL! Its not going to work like that at all.


2468.com points to servers at godaddy, not dreamhost.


2468.com was not the full name. Also, that domain is on my Dreamhost list.
I sure I’ve never been to godaddy.


Give us the full domain then, and the 2 name of the two files and let’s see if we can find them for you.

HINT: when you are redacting or substituting information STATE THAT YOU ARE DOING SO.

Not stating it makes us take a piece of information like “2468.com” and looking up associated information (like DNS).

This really isn’t a difficult situation.
If you log in to the CORRECT ftp user, and find a domain name folder there (say domainname.com), and you switch to that folder and drop a file named test.html into that folder you will file that online at http ://domainname.com/test.html (yes I inserted an extra space to prevent the forum from making it a link.)

if you take the same file and rename it to “index.html” instead and put it in the same place then you can go to http ://domainname.com and see the file. (note index.??? is a special file name)