Ftp and users questions

Hi all,

Just purchased the hosting and got one question. I tried to search the forum and wiki help, but what I found there was not clear enough for me.

This what I am trying to accomplish: i have one domain and 2 users set up (me and my mate) Then I created sub-domain for my mate. I can’t figure out how can I setup the sub domain created for my mate to see the directory using my own ftp account. I have set up privileges for my mate to operate only with this subdomain as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry for english as well (I am not native speaker :slight_smile: )


in DH, a domain / sub-domain is owned by one user.

you cannot have two users to own the same domain / sub-domain.

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I see, thanks for the reply!

You could use Unix groups to share domains, but it would probably be easier to just log in to your friend’s FTP user through the panel whenever you need to do so.

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