FTP and Symlinks

So I wanted to allow some users to edit one of my sites.

I am working on the whole remap thing but that really doesn’t do anything for me, I want them to edit a main site, not give them space for one of their own, ALSO there are multiple users not just one.

I could of course move the site to one user account and give everyone access but then that doesn’t do much for keeping things nice and separate.

So I decided to try to symlink the folder into their user folders, which works, but not with FTP…

The ftp clients (Dreamweaver, command line FTP and Filezilla) see the symlink can’t follow it. I was wondering if this was a security measure on DHs part or it was something on the ftp client or both?

What makes you think the symlink works?

You’ll need SFTP to be able to navigate out of a user’s folder. If your Group permissions are set properly, then it’ll work.


When I run ls from a shell /home/user/symlink it properly lists the files…

I will check out the SFTP situation…

Son of a gun. Yeah ok that works then I will just have them setup some public/private keys so dreamweaver works and off we go.

Totally didn’t realize sftp worked in that way. tyvm.


FTP sandboxes a user inside their home directory.

SFTP doesn’t need keys. It’ll still work with the FTP username and password.