I’ve been trying to publish files in NVU via FTP for hours and I’ve had no luck. I’ve read the Kbase and it doesn’t help.

Where can I read about how to fill out the publish window correctly. The NVU directions didn’t help either.

Apparently, I did it correctly once on Feb. 28th, but I had a hell of a time then, too and think I did it by accident without understanding what I had done.

Any advice would be appreciated. I’m ready to cancel my DH membership over it. IT shouldn’t be this difficult.


Hope this helps:


I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

This thread may also help, Ta da!


Nice catch, Matttail!

I don’t work here. I’m just your typical support forum volunteer.

Help this helps.

I probably need to explain stuff in more detail.

Normally when you login to FTP, you are at a root directory. DreamHost has the root directory to be that of your home directory. However, in your home directory, you will have subdirectories for different things. For example, your mail is stored in “Maildir”, your logs are in “logs”, etc.

For each fully hosted domain that is setup for your user, you will also have a subdirectory in your home directory. DreamHost usually uses the domain or subdomain to name this subdirectory. You can change that if you want, and if you don’t see the directory that is setup in the Control Panel, just create it in your home directory.

Edit: uh, I didn’t see those threads. I figured though it was worth putting into the wiki, along with a window capture.

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definatly worth putting into the wiki. especially if it was put there by someone who actually uses NVU and really knows what they are talking about. :slight_smile:

And thanks macmanx.


Very nice WIKI article, BTW. Though I do wish NVU would make it so that you can create sub-directories on your website. That’s a bit annoying, and returning an “Unknown publishing error” is even worse. Ah well…