Ftp and index.html confusion

I have a lot of web experience, and manage a website for an organization, so I am not a neophyte to this world, but dreamhost has me stumped! I just started my website, and I can’t get the index.html page to show up.

I put index.html in the directory http://mywebsite.com but when I go to the URL I get an index of / page. If I type in http://mywebsite.com/index.html I get a 404.

I can’t figure out how this structure of dreamhost works.

By the way mywebsite.com is not the main domain that I registered. Could that be the problem?

Unless you changed something, the default location of your files would be /home/Your_user_name/www.your-domain.com

If you’re seeing the directory listing & know files, that means they were uploaded somewhere else, as seen with the 404 error you get when you try to go to a specific file.

When you connect with an FTP client, you should see a domain.com directory for your domain. If not, be sure you’re logged in as the user the domain runs under.

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error 404 means Document not found.

most probably, you upload the file to wrong folder. As seiler mentioned, the file should reside inside “yourdomain.com” folder.

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Ah! Ok, got it! Thank you both very much. You were exactly right.

Welcome! Now it is the time to start the site :wink:

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