FTP and File Upload

Hi, i am very frustrated as the control panel here at Dream Host is so different than any i have ever used.

All i am trying to do is upload files to my site. Is there a web interface for file upload? You know, you click on the folder you want the file to go, click on the browse button to attach the file, and whaalaaah?

Ok, if not, then please help me with FTP. I have tried to web FTP and also my separate FTP client and i can’t connects. I have even created a new FTP user and that can’t connect.

In the FTP instructions, it says to look on domains manager, look for Fully Hosted / User: myuser and “myuser” will be replaced with your FTP user name… well mine doesnt say “fully hosted” or “user”, it just says “Google Hosted”.

Ok, so besides that, when i go to WebFTP, and enter in my details, for the user name should it be my username alone or with @mydomain (my domain name) after it? I have tried both and neither work.

Anyway, all i need to do is have the ability to FTP and i can’t. Can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong?

It sounds like you did not set your domain up to be Fully Hosted. Go back to Manage Domains to get that domain listing. Right below where it says Google Hosted, click Edit.

In the following screen, use the top section (Fully Hosted) to get things set up. Once the info looks right, click the blue bottom that says Fully Host This Domain. Right below that is where you did your Google Setup that will go away once you Fully Host This Domain.