FTP address


Hi there,

I have 3 domains on my dreamhost hosting.

I can set up FTP accounts for specific users with their own user/pass.
However, the access address is for the wrong domain.

I want to create a few FTP accounts for users under a different
ftp address. Currently any FTP i create for users all are accessed from ftp.stapledietgtr.com

But i want these FTP accounts under ftp.jazzguitarsociety.com
(both of the above domains are on my hosting)

How do i do this? I cant see anywhere where i change this.

thanks you in advance.


go to manage domains and edit the domain. there is a place near the top that will let you run the domain under a different user. do be advised that each domain can only run under one user. so only that users files would be made live on the domain when making changes. there is a way but it requires unix groups and such