FTP address



Added an FTP user to my account.

I’m not sure what address to use to upload to or download from.

Any idea as to the sort of format dreamhost use?




They can just FTP to YOURDOMAIN.com. It’s all on the same server, so if they log in, they’ll end up in their own home directory (and only their own home directory).



Ah OK, that’s uploading.

What is the address for downloading?




The same thing if they’re using the FTP protocol.
Otherwise it depends on where an uploaded file is located under your domain. So for instance someone uploads a file via FTP to : /mydomain.com/images/01.jpg
The HTTP link to download that image would be: http://mydomain.com/images/01.jpg

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OK thanks.

I can use FTP to upload to a user folder OK, but I can’t see the folder directly under the domain name.

Is there a user home directory in between?




Yup. You’ll need to login under that user’s account credentials (via FTP) to actually see the contents of their home directory and modify it (ie. upload to or download from it).

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