FTP Acess

My web programmer wants to upload a CRE loaded template using FTP and also the HTML pages for my domain on dreamhost. I have setup a FTP user for him. Is this all i need? Will he be able to install the template on my domain using his FTP login? If not, how do i give him access so he can install the CRE loaded template and website on dreamhost for my domain.

No. He either needs to use your FTP login (change the password for the time he needs access), or use SFTP with Unix Groups:


I don’t know if this is the right place to post this but I could not find where to add my own post. I am trying to access my FTP server and it is not letting me its boba.dramhost.com and it says it does not exist where can i find the IP address of this site and has it changed?


If that’s a typo (dramhost), then that would explain it. Try boba.dreamhost.com

It’s working for me. Its IP address is


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