FTP "Accounts"

I would like to create an ftp account that has access to a specific folder inside my account. Is this possible? When I went to create a new FTP user, all it would let me do is create a “/home/username…” account. This was a pretty simple matter using cPanel, I assumed it’s possible though the DH Control Panel too (hey, that spells DHCP! woot!).

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Due to the way DH works, only one user can access a domain; however, it’s possible to do what you described by remapping subdirectories (Domains > Remap Sub-Dir).

For more information, see http://wiki.dreamhost.com/index.php/KB_/Account_Control_Panel/Domains::_Remap_Sub-Dir

Thanks for letting me know.
That’s rather disappointing to hear though, I wanted to allow my friend to import photos into Plogger by accessing the Plogger “uploads” folder. Even with the remaped dir, that wouldn’t work. Oh well, she’ll just have to upload one-at-a-time.

Paul Houser - www.paulygon.org
Plaid Screen Studios - www.plaidscreen.com

I’ve got the same problem when I just transfered from ipowerweb to DH. It seems that there is no way for different ftp users to share their files! That really cause me a big trouble. I would have to re-design my site!

To plaidscreen, you may want to allow your friend to upload a zip file and unzip it on the server? I would try it on my site shortly.

This is my first post here! Cheers!

FTP makes this difficult, but if your FTP client can use SSH instead, then it’s possible for users to share a common directory. You just need to make the directory group writable.

Provided that you’re the one who created the users, this will work. One aspect of this is that others can not erase another user’s file, which may be a good thing. You, as the master use, also can not erase others’ files, but if you’re a cooperative group, file maintenance shouldn’t be a problem.

FTP won’t work because a user can not leave their home directory, whereas using SSH (SCP), you can go to another user’s home directory provided its permissions allow you to.