FTP accounts web access?

Hello - I’m a bit lost…

I have a main hosting of say “yeahme.com” on that hosting I have 3 FTP accounts (account names 1,2,3)

Ftp account “1” has the ability to upload and post webpages

Ftp account “2 & 3” has the ability to upload via FTP (to their respectful directories) but I am unable to view what I have uploaded with a Webbrowser.

what I mean is I can log into the FTP with account “1” and post “trades.html” and then view it in a browser with the address of “http://www.yeahme.com/trades.html

but if I upload with either account “2 or 3” say “good.html” I am unable to figure out how to view that page via a browser … what is the correct URL I should be typing in to view this page??

I hope this makes some sense … thanks for any help!


In the control panel you can remap a directory. This will allow you to name a directory for that ftp account that will in turn be a sub folder to your domain name.
You can also create a sub domain and assign it to any one of the three ftp accounts.

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