FTP accounts for each of folders


Is there any option that can set up many ftp accounts (with http access too) to each of folders that I created manually through ftp?
I don’t mean creating all the time a new user (Users>Manage users>Add user), just an ftp (http) permissions/access with separate login and password.

Thanks in advance, anyway.

Uh, so you want to create a separate login/password for access to each folder without creating a new user? Or do you just want to create a new user without going through the control panel?

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I think Lanooz means he only want FTP user local to his FTP domain(s) but not a DreamHost system wide user who can also access the panel and limited by the username not used in the whole server, etc.

I myself do not know the answer and also want to know :stuck_out_tongue:

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“Uh, so you want to create a separate login/password for access to each folder without creating a new user?”

Yes, thats what I mean.

Same here, to explain in a bit more detail what I want:


I would like to be able to password protect folder1 and folder 2 (with separate user/pass for each) and give users the ability to ftp download the file within that folder using a FTP client that supports resume (these are REALLY big files).

I tried mapping a ftp account to domain.com/folder1/ but it did not seem to work, plus I don’t really like this approach since I only want to give read access to the file, not write abilities a full account would give.

download only? tried using a .named file? tried web acces using htaccess?


I am already doing that, but can’t get to it via ftp that way. I would like users to have the option of either web access or FTP due to the file size (about 2GB per file), so a connection that supports resume is an absolute must. While some of the web downloaders support resume, they are more complicated than FTP, which is why I wanted them to be able to FTP to the files as well.