Ftp Accounts and users

Hey guys, what’s up? I just have a small question for you, probably easy, so anyway,

I want to have my friend access to my webspace through www.mydomain.org/friend/. He can login with his FTP account and upload stuff through there. The only problem is, how do I do this? I want to be able for my friend to login on his own FTP username and be able to upload stuff so anytime he goes to www.mysite.org/friend/ he can see the stuff he uploaded. Also, is it possible to have www.friend.mysite.org and have it go directly to his space? Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

When you create a new user via the control panel. Your friend has his own space. It is not sharable with your space. For his space to be viewable on the web, you just remap his space to www.example.com/friend
If you create a subdomain you should be able to remap to that subdomain.
But if you want to edit any of your friends files you need to use his username and password, these will always be available to you in the control panel.

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