FTP account to 1 subdir

I need a little help. A friend & I are doing some music mixes together. I want to create a subdir in on my domain, and have him be able to FTP into only that folder. The mixes often go over 10 MB so email is pretty much out of the question.

I know I have to create any other user but how do I specify him only being able to access that folder. On my older host, I’d just create and new FTP account and choose the directory from a drop down list. With DH is seems to be a little more involved, I read some where that new users don’t have access to folders created before the account was activated. My problem is the domains directory has already been created, if I create a new subdirectory of that folder will he be able to FTP in with a new account?

Thanks in advance for your help,

A domain can only be under the control of one user, so you won’t be able to replicate the situation that you usually have with other hosts.

What’s wrong with simply creating a subdomain instead?

You can remap a sub-directory, although that might not be what you really want.

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