Ftp account for multiple people, public reading



I want to create an ftp account that gives access to users (multiple people) to a directory in my current home directory. They could then upload files to this directory. BUT this directory needs to be readable by the public.

What I’m doing: I have a site where multiple people submit audio files for a podcast, then they create a post, linking their audio file to the post. I’m using wordpress and podpress, so if you’re familiar with that you know I need a directory that podpress can read (where those multiple people upload their files).

How do I do this?



Create an ftp user for the purpose.

Set the user’s access to the upload folder in question using Remap Sub-Dir.

Give the ftp username/password to your collaborators.


Just in case if you want to use Anonymous FTP, you will need to have a unique IP address to do that in DH. A unique IP address is $3.95/mo

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Do not allow anonymous FTP with write privileges. This is a guaranteed way to have your account used by the warez crowd, which is undesirable and may lead to ToS violations.

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This is right!

Recently I am working on some projects on linux. It is so powerful. But as administrator you need to know how to configure it properly. That is a lot for me to learn.

As lensman metnioned, simply disallowing write permission on files will increase the security of your system for example: anonymous FTP.

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