FTP account... but to subfolder


Before I moved to this hosting, I also had someone else under me using a folder /anthony under my domain, I moved his folder with me. But like my previous hosting (which utilized Cpanel) I am trying to create an FTP account that would log in directly to that /anthony folder. However in the DH panel it seems to only create a FTP folder under /home/username, I cannot create an account that would be restricted to a subfolder on one of my existing domains.

What can I do?

-Karl Blessing


I think I might be able to make something work using this subfolder redirect on karlblessing.com

But what happens if theres already stuff in karlblessing.com/anthony/ ? And is there a quick way to move the content of that subfolder to the new user folder? Since it seems my login that I am using now, won’t see/reach the new login created for the new user.

-Karl Blessing


And… I Take it the servers don’t like the FXP protocol.

-Karl Blessing


Well in the process of uploading the content to the new user folder (made a /web subfolder), taking a little bit, but maybe it’ll work once I empty out the folder on the domain then do the remap.

-Karl Blessing


Appears to work now. Just wish there was a simpler method.