FTP Account Backup files

Dreamhost’s super new full account backup results in a link to the backup files, a username, and a password.

How do I use these three pieces of information to persuade an FTP program to connect so I can download using FTP?

Appreciate any helpful advice.

I’ve never tried this, but if it’s a link, it sounds like you grab the backup from your browser when a login box pops up. What does the link look like? If it has sensitive info, XXX it out before you post it.


That was quick! The link looks like this:
and there’s a userid and a password

Ok, so you click on the link, then type in your username and password. Then what? Does a download start? It is browser-based, so you won’t be able to use an FTP client to grab the backup.


“It is browser-based, so you won’t be able to use an FTP client to grab the backup.” - That’s the disappointing answer I was not hoping for.

My reason for wanting to use FTP is that I have many database and user files in the DH backup set, and it’s a lot of manual downloads for each one.

Can you suggest a script that would allow me to login to the backup files, then start the script to download each backup file? I running Vista and could use either Firefox or IE.


I’ve never tried the entire backup setup they offer, and it sure looks like it’s not set up to pick and choose what you want to download. I back up all of my own data with the following technique:

I do this with each of my domains.