FTP access

I am trying to access my files via FTP. I can view the files but every time I try to edit a file it says the files are locked because they are ‘Read only’. How do I set up read and write access to the files via FTP. Thanks

Something’s not quite right, with default conditions you generally shouldn’t have this problem.

What client are you using? How did the files get to the server originally? What type of hosting do you have?

I uploaded the files by doing a 1-click install of my wordpress site. It is a bit strange I have checked I have FTP access (which I guess I would have to to even view the files) but I can’t edit or Save As so I can make any changes. Its v frustrating.

What software or tools are you using to view your files over FTP?

Hi Andrew

I am trying to connect via the Dreamhost tools. If i go to the Dreamiest web panel for my Domain i have tried the 2 options there FTP and WebFTP. I can connect via WebFTP (but it is very slow and clumsy) but if I connect via FTP it sets up a shared location on my Mac but I can only view the files are read only. Any ideas?

You would be better off to install an FTP client on your mac. See this list http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Ftp#Mac_OS_X

Mac OS X only allows read-only access to FTP servers through the standard Finder interface. This is a limitation of the operating system.

As LakeRat mentioned, you should download and use an FTP client. If you haven’t used one before, I’d recommend Cyberduck. (It also supports DreamObjects, so it’s got that going for it too.)

thanks all for your help. I’ll download the client hopefully that will get me up and running