FTP Access

I used to use the simple webFTP that was pre-configured for my server from the Web Panel.

That is now gone and understandably I have to log into the new webFTP.

Where would I find the following answers:

Host: (I know it is seoul.dreamhost.com but let’s just say I didn’t know to check the source of emails from my website, where would I find it on the web panel?)

Port: (default is “21”, but I don’t know if that’s correct)

Login: I know the FTP user account name
Password: I know the FTP user password

Start (default is “/”, but I don’t know if that’s correct)

Protocol: (options are ftp and sftp, default to former)
Charset: Blank
Active: (options are true and fals, default to latter)

I’ve attempted a small variety of options, using the host name, my ftp username and password, and both sftp, and ftp.

I also tried that with /home/USER as the Start field.

This should be documented, at minimum, in a sticky on the Beginner’s Forum.

slightly pissed off user, who just wanted to upload a simple module to drupal, who instead finds himself on a quixotic journey through dreamhost’s sprawling-yet-incomplete interfaces, spotty documentation, and poorly implemented web tools, finally having to troll a beginners forum for something that should be easy as pie.[hr]
Apparently fully qualified domain names aren’t accepted in the Host field.

I used just “seoul” and it let me in.

That’s the first time ever that a non-FQD has worked when a FQD did not.

Imagine my surprise.

dreamhost’s wiki is having some details on some FTP settings. The screenshot in this link has the details on from where you can find the server name. I didn’t find the webFTP detail in wiki. The login screen of new WebFTP has two sections (1) mandatory connection data (2) optional data. Any one can ignore the optional data.
Since you are using the webFTP of dreamhost, probably you don’t again add the ‘dreamhost.com’ in your host settings. I think, they should do a smart trimming of removing dreamhost.com from the host field even if user enters it.
yea, the help pages are not being updated frequently. I was also trying to find good resource on subdomain management with multisite for shared hosting, but didn’t find.