FTP access?

I was doing some ftping earlier… but now I cannot even connect anymore. Everytime I connect is says server closed connection… does this have anything to do with the power outages etc.?

No, the data center has recoved from the power outage. If you’re still having problems you should contact support. I’d sigguest using the fancy little system to report problems with your FTP connection. Should it return saying that there were no issues found, just put in a ‘normal’ support request.

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Are you using FTP, or SFTP? In the past, I’ve gotten that message when using SFTP and my IP address has been blocked due to too many failed login attempts.


Judging from the 850+ open support tickets the data center has not recovered from the power outage. As for using “fancy little system”, if the discussion forum would stop throwing 500 errors (how pathetic is that?) it’d probably be a lot quicker source of information than the absurdly overloaded DH “fancy little system”.