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OK, I’ve tried looking this up and probably missed the answer. I’ve looked through my control panel and even tried a few things with users. How can I allow one other person to just ftp to (upload to) my main domain directory (domain.com instead of seconduser.domain.com) without giving them my own login info? This other person does not need e-mail or anything else, just ftp access and file priviledges to the main domain directory.


I think you are looking for ‘Account Privileges’ unde the ‘Home’ tab.

You’ll want to ‘grant privileges to new web id’ (assuming you’ve already created a username for the person). Then you go back in and ‘edit privileges,’ which allows to restrict access to domains.

You want to make sure you don’t allow them the ability to manipulate other users or control billing/order services.

You can’t do that the way you want to. I think you would have to setup an FTP user, and put the domain directory in the user’s home directory. Then you and the other person share that user.
You could always setup the e-mail addresses so no mail is delivered to the mailbox for that user. If that domain is to use CGI, make sure the CGI is run as the shared user and not your own.

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There are some other ways to work around this too, as described in past forum posts. But yeah - sharing ownership of files isn’t quite as easy as we’d like it to be, unfortunately. Much easier if you’re doing things from the shell rather than via FTP (for reasons described more fully in the “archives”).

Thank you- both of you for your replies. Seems like this should be a pretty simple thing, but I’m feeling very stupid. :frowning:

If I went the domain into the subdomain directory route, would I just move (via my ftp software) the domain directory into the subdirectory and call it done? Or would I need to do this via the control panel? And would browsers still show the page by a visitor typing in the regular domain url?

The first way doesn’t seem to be working (user and priviledges). Am ready to throw in the towel pretty soon. Hmph!


Hmm… You must mean right here in front of my face- under the edit http link for the domain name. Right under the cgi checkbox where it has web and log directories?? So it’s OK to just put all this stuff under my new user’s name, right? Pleeeze say I did this right…

Oh gawd, it doesn’t look like I had to even mess with priviledges for this secondary name.

Still waiting to see if it works tho.

Hmm I am lost now. If you already have ‘seconduser’ setup, just go to the control panel and choose ‘Domains > Web’ and edit ‘domain.com’ so that the user is ‘seconduser’. If you want http://domain.com/ to show files from ‘/home/seconduser/domain.com’ make sure Web Directory reads as ‘/home/seconduser/domain.com’ otherwise make it read as ‘/home/seconduser/seconduser.domain.com’. Then login to FTP as seconduser and upload the files to the appropiate directory.

Perhaps I got confused by what you mean ‘main directory’. I guess you mean home directory. A home directory is the top-most directory for a user, and is written out as ‘/home/user’. Domains or subdomains will appear as subdirectories of a users home directory and neither a domain or subdomain subdirectories can be called ‘main directory’ as the heirarchy of domains usually only applies to DNS and networking and not the file system. For all Apache cares the pages for http://dreamhost.com/ could be served from a directory named ‘the-best-host-in-the-world’. However when logging into regular FTP DreamHost has it setup so you can’t go above ‘/home/user’ to ‘/home’ or ‘/’ so their FTP software will show ‘/’ when it really means ‘/home/user’. I originally thought you wanted to share access to your home directory or subdirectories with another person. As will said, thats not as easy as one would like.

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lol! I was very lost too for about two days. Yep, I meant the main folder under the particular domain name. Thanks to the help on this board though, it’s figured out now. Thanks guys! It really is simple (am pretty sure now)- just a matter of having the domain run as the added user. And if anyone from DreamHost stumbles across this post, sorry ‘bout my messin’ so much with domain changes in the web panel.