FTP access

I’ve had my website for a while and never had any problem accessing the ftp page from my computer at work. (I did my updating there because I had a computer with a DSL connection.) I have now changed jobs and am no longer on a computer with a DSL.

I am unable to access the ftp page from home. Is there anything I can check in my computer or with my ISP to see why it isn’t working from here?

My website is still working fine, I just can’t update it. I am generally comfortable with all things computer-related but the technical aspects of having my own website are new to me.


most likely your access settings are not correct as compared to the correct setting you had at your office. to connect you’ll need to make sure you’re using the proper host, username, and password, that’s about it.

what are you using client-wise to connect (ws_ftp, smartFTP, cmd, etc…)?

If you give the client and the errors that you’re getting there’ll be a better chance of deciphering the problem :wink:


On the DH admin panel, I click on ‘Domains>Manage>Upload to Site’ and get ‘No page to display – Action cancelled’

I want to see my ftp page so I can just drag the html file into the folder.


It won’t even let me open the ftp page. I have IE 6.0.

Wondering if the problem is at DreamHost’s end (possible, but less likely), or at your end…


Is the link in the panel something like

ftp://your-user@your-domain.com/ ?


Can you connect using command-line ftp in a dos/cmd box?

[quote]ftp your-domain.com

Enter your user and password when prompted.
Enter “quit” to exit FTP.


Back to your original question, you could see if you have something (PC firewall or ISP) blocking FTP/port 21?

Ok…I tried the MS-DOS thing and it said Bad Command.

That ftp page loaded.

I have some free crap from Wal-Mart that’s annoyingly like AOHell. It’s never worked, though and I’ve tried several ISPs. I don’t live in the best town for internet service. Most of the dialups that have a local number use the same number.

I’ll look at the security settings. …all of them are either ‘prompt’ or ‘enable’…

Thanks again.

I’m wondering how would I go about linking up the FTP access once I have downloaded WS_FTP LE. Also how do I go about viewing my pages once I have pasted them into the prgram files. Any help or suggestions on getting this all set up, up and running would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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