FTP Access

Hi, I’m a newbie here at DreamHost.
I’d like to turn my site into a PHP Newsgroup.

Does DreamHost allow you to extract compressed files?

I’ve extracted .gz & .tar files from the command line (Telnet/SSH) – don’t think you can do it straight from FTP though

Yes, you can extract them over Telnet, but if you’re more comfortable using FTP, then extract them on your own computer and upload all the files by FTP to your site. If you do it this way, though, you will need to make sure you set all the file permissions properly. Check the read me file for the PHP script you are using to see what they should be.


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Yup, I read the scripting for PHP and while I’m still in the process of it all, I went for uploading the PHP scripts via FTP. I believe all the file permissions are setup correctly.