FTP Access to only one domain?

Hi all,

I feel like this should be an easy problem to solve, but I’m having the worst time figuring it out.

I have several domains that I host at DH, setup something like so:


I wish to give a friend FTP access to www.domain4.com and ONLY www.domain4.com. Every time I try to set up a new user for him, however, it just gives me a set of the basic shell scripts and log folders, with no hint of the current files and directory structure already under www.domain4.com. How can I give him access to the one domain?

Thanks in advance for your time.



  1. Login to the Web Panel
  2. Click on “Domains”
  3. Click on “Manage Domains”
  4. Click on “Edit” for the appropiate domain.
  5. Modify “FTP user / CGI-runs-as user” to the new FTP user
  6. Modify “Specify your web directory” if necessary
  7. Click on “Change fully hosted settings now!”

Oh yeah you will need to copy the contents of the original web directory over to the new web directory off course. This can be done in shell (cp / mv commands) or with FTP (download then upload)


  1. Login to the Web Panel
  2. Click on “Billing”
  3. Click on “Account Priviledges”
  4. Click on “Grant New Prvilidges”
  5. Choose FTP user for “Create a Web Id for User”
  6. After the webid is created you can grant web panel priviledges to it

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Thanks for taking the time to respond.

I think I’m 90% of the way there. My problem now, I believe, is in the “6. Modify “Specify your web directory” if necessary” – I left it as is, www.domain4.com, like it was before…but now it’s just a blank page with Index of / - and nothing. If I ftp in, everything is still there. So where is it pointing to now?

Again, thanks for the help…


Ah, figured it out. Thanks all