FTP access (setting permissions)

my friend wanted a website, so i created a subdomain for him.

How would i only let him have ftp access to that subdomain and not root? I dont want him to have access to my website and it’s files.

I created a new ftp user but i dont really understand the purpose of it. When i sign on with that ftp account it doesnt give me access to anything :s.

Could someone help please.


Go to Domains -> Web and edit the subdomain.

Make sure it is fully hosted. Choose your friend’s FTP user for “All CGI should run as user:”

Then make a note of “Web Directory” below that:
Web Directory: /home/cgiuserabove/[something]

This means if the FTP user is “mithrandir”, and the subdomain is “isengard”, and your domain is “example.com”, then the Web Directory will by default be:
/home/mithrandir/isengard.example.com, ie:
/home/mithrandir = FTP user home directory ( “/” in FTP)
/home/mithrandir/isengard.example.com = subdirectory of home directory where web server looks for web files.

So write down what the home directory and web directory are, and save the changes to this panel. Then log in as the FTP user. If you don’t see the web directory, you need to create it. Then upload the web files into that directory. CGI scripts may need to be configured to use the home directory or web directory that you wrote down.

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