FTP Access or User Directory script

software development


Recently I flew into Boston for this company last week to redo their website, network installation, printers, desktops, and switching them to Google Apps. A lot of work was done within this week, but more to do and hoping for a little help from the Dreamhost Community for an idea.

This company had FTP access setup through FatCow and they absolutely hated the service, so I finally got them to switch over to Dreamhost. Well everyone should know that Dreamhost only has one-user per domain, so setting up the FTP access how they had it before on FatCow isn’t possible on Dreamhost. They had several different FTP accounts with different files for users to access (username/password).

So my idea will probably come to some kind of custom programming, but which one should be used to make this the best of use.

I was thinking possibly of a password protected directory that once that user enters the correct info they would be provided with access to those files and only them. Instead of creating multiple FTP accounts with those files, so I can keep all those files under the one user (company/domain)

Hope you guys can follow what I’m trying to explain. Any help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.