FTP Access for additional users

I’m fairly new to DreamHost so I’m not quite sure how to go about doing this… I want to add additional users who can only access certain folders. More than one person works on my website and I understand how to add new users, but how do I restrict their access to a particular directory? For instance, I want to restrict “bob” to his folder “bobsplace” which will appear as the sub-domain bobsplace.mydomain.com. How exactly would I manage this?

Have a look through this thread, and see if that helps. It’s trickier than you’d think it would be.

We should probably write a kbase article on this.

http://discussion.dreamhost.com/showthreaded.pl?Cat=&Board=forum_beginners&Number=5765&Search=true&Forum=All_Forums&Words=ftp user group&Match=And&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=6months&Main=5765
(This link should work for now: http://tinyurl.com/lo3w )