FTP Access and CPanel to Transfer site

Hi Everyone. New to Dreamhost.
So I had a 3rd party build an e-commerce website for me. They apparently used CPanel.

My question is, they are requesting access to my Dreamhost account in order to upload the site they created as well as go live. I was under the impression that FTP access was sufficient for a developer to get the site uploaded and running.

After further research, I read that they might need MySQL Database access also.

I dont feel comfortable giving anyone access to my domain and hosting. I’ve heard horror stories of people losing their domain ownership from giving access.

Can someone shed light on this for me? What would you suggest? Can you break down the process for me if possible?

Much appreciated.

You can grant fine-grain account privileges to another user in the DH Panel:


For example, you could allow the 3rd party access to the domain, user and DB, but restrict them from changing domain registrations, billing, etc.

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