FTP access - allowing UL/DL to other users

Hi All-

I am a noob at FTP stuff - I have a basic understanding of how to UL/DL stuff to and from sites, etc.

I would like to be able to create a place in my domain that I can allow my clients to upload/download large files. I only want them to have access to a particular directory - I would give them the u/n and p/w when necessary. Any thoughts on how I can go about setting this up?



what you could do is create the directory with an ftp client then go in and password protect the directory then they will just need to know the password that would be the easiest what ftp client do you use if you could tell me that i could possibly help lol…

Thanks for the reply - I am currently using WSFTP, but I am certainly willing to change…

Unless I’m confused, shikonjewel’s method wont work.

Best bet is to setup a secondary web site. Make it a subodmain like files.example.com. Create a new user to run that domain. Give out that username/password.

Kbase article

You should be able to remap the subdir to point to a new users area.
Create FTP user, remap one of your domain’s folders to their user area. Problem is, you won’t be able to control what goes in/out through your own FTP. You’d have to start logging in with their FTP details.

But the best way might be to use a web based file manager. But there would be a 7mb limit.

decswxaqz, at last check remapping a sub-dir into another user’s directory has been disabled. I have several of those setup, went to do it again and was told I can’t do it anymore.

I’ve got four subdirectories aliased (“remapped”) into other users’ home directories right now. I just looked at the remapping panel and the drop-down list to choose user directory is still available.

Not allowing aliases to other users kind of defeats the purpose. I doubt they’d remove this functionality. There’s no reason not to allow it.

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Hi all
my first so firstly good afternoon to you.
i’m confused as you like having read some replies in this.

I want one folder so a mate can upload and share his mixes with the world - i want him to have access to it via FTP and to that folder only.

I have worked it out using the menu on the main site that I needed to set up a sub directory remapping to set up a folder
that has now been done and i called it guest for example.
this remapping to “guest” is apparently working.

When i trried to create an ftp called “guest” i was told i couldn’t have that as it was used already. So i set up mymate or whatever. “Mymate” ftp is now active for him passworded and usernamed etc…

it says elsewhere that I need link the user to the folder - does it set up that link automatically from the username i created?
eg .home/mymate/ as an example if i create a user ftp of “my mate”

does that mean i can’t upload with my files to the main site or will it redirect all that as well in to this new folder?? has it changed MY settings to the main site. i read here that I’d have to log in as him now with his details??
Don’t want that!!

I’ve uploaded half my site and it all works great. however I think now when i try to upload next time (at a friends as i don’t have a nret connection right now and am at work) it’ll upload th files for the main site and put it all in this new mymate home folder thing.

so my question is this

with the remapping to the now what appears “guest” folder reroute anything (including my potential uploading files next week) will be remapped (ie put?) in that mymate folder?

the ftp account I’ve created will work for him i should imagine to “mymate” folder.

  1. have i broken the default setup for me uploading. all this sub directory thing is baffling

Apologies for this being so lengthy and i’m hoping someone can help me.
Any response welcomed with very open arms!

ps i’ve spent two hours searching that knowledge base and on a thread in a fdifferent forum here someon is talking of a sub domian fo rthe user. I haven’t created a sub domain

i just want one folder for him and be able access/upload/delete everything within my main domain

i use Dreamweaver to upload directly, not ftp so i presume all this sub folder redirectiing won’t affect me??

if so how do i reverse this mess to get it back as it was?
I’ll just upload for him i guess into a newly created folder I’ll incorporate in Dreamweaver.

(edited for clarity as i didn’t even understand it on readback)

Hi all,
I’m still a little unsure of what the best method would be for this. As cheeriokid posted I’d like to set up a password protected area that clients can UL/DL files. From what I understand if I simply create a new directory and password protect it, it will no longer be accessible via ftp - is this accurate? So does this mean I should create a new subdomain called files.domainname.com? And if so would I be using that new address/username/password for myself and clients to access the “files” ftp space?

Thanks very much for any help since I’m pretty new to this.