FTP access address

I have a user setup for access (me) and I have a program that I like to use for FTP transfers. from another post on here titled FTP it was said that ftp.floridastreetscene.com would be the correct path, but this doesn’t seem to work for me!

so i tried just floridastreetscene.com (didn’t work) Also atempted ftp://floridastreetscene.com.

can you help me out. so i have to wait for the name server changes to take effect before i can use FTP or is there a different address that i should be using to upload files to my hosting on dreamhost.com

when i was with another hosting place they gave out things like ftp07.hostsname.com in order to access FTP.


Once the nameserver change takes effect you should be able to use ftp.floridastreetscene.com. But for now, you need to find the machine your site is hosted on. In the control panel if you click on “Users” on the left and then “Manage Users” it’ll tell you which machine you’re on. Then you can use machine.dreamhost.com to log in via ftp, where machine is your machine name.

thanks i just found that it was stated in one of the emails that got sent to me. it told me the machine that’s it on. so now i just have to figure out dreamhosts filing system.