FTP 530 Login Incorrect

Hi, For some reason I can’t log into my FTP from another PC. I’m using the same username/password that I use to log into DreamHost panel.

I’m still able to log into it from the main computer with an old password for some reason (I changed the password because I was having said login trouble).

Is it hardwired to the original registrant PC or what’s the problem here?


the panel user name and password are NOT the same as what you need to log into the server.

First visit ‘manage domains’ in the panel and find out what the user name is. Then visit ‘manage users’ if you need to update the password for that user.

If you reset your password, you need to allow at least 5 minutes or more for the password to reset. If you keep receiving that error, you may want to try resetting the password again, just to make sure you’re not entering it incorrectly.

If you keep experiencing issues, reach out to Support team, as they would be able to see your account directly.

Actually that estimate is low. I think the screen in the panel says 10-15 minutes, and during peak times I’ve seen it take longer than the estimate given in the panel.

Thank you Sir!