Frustrating Customer Support -resolved!

Okay. I am dealing with some kind of Customer Support Loop here. I wonder if anyone has any advice for me.

I am setting up a website for a client, working on a new design using a temporary domain.

Now the site is almost finished, and I need to switch the regular domain over, which is hosted elsewhere.

Okay, so far so good…done this a hundred times before…Well, hold on, ERROR MESSAGE: apparently back in 19** somewhere this domain has been hosted on DreamHost, and since my client is using a Promo-Code, that domain cannot be used because Promo Codes are for new customers.

Okay, contact Customer Support for help. Basically the email I get back just repeats the same error message…nothing else
Write back "Hey, okay, is there anything I can do? We were not aware that someone had this hosted on DreamHost…what can we do? Any way around this?

Email I get back basically repeats the same thing, with SmileyFace and “Sorry for the inconvienence”

So, problem still not resolved, not sure what to do…I have written back but I am fully expecting the same kind of canned comment in reply. No options, domain still not transferred…I am in a sort of limbo…

I rarely ever have to deal with customer support, so this is sort of a strange experience for me. Are these people trained to resolve issues, or is it just a robot shooting back a pre-formatted response?

The error you’re running into was created to inhibit people gaming the system by closing their account and signing up each year using a new promocode.

If it can be proven that your client was not the same person who hosted it here originally then you should be able to get around this issue by explaining the situation entirely within a support ticket (they’ll attach the domain to the required account manually).

If your client is the same person that hosted the domain here originally then they’re gaming the system and will need to resolve it by paying the full hosting fee after which it would be allowable to have the domain hosted on the new account (this will still require manual intervention from staff).

Thanks for the response.
That sounds reasonable, and I know for a fact that my client has been hosted with 1and1 at least since 2011, and probably before. I do not think they owned the domain before that.

However, I tried explaining as much in my first and second ticket, but keep getting these same sort of responses.
The problem is that it does not even look like the support-answerer is even reading the email…just sort of looping through it. Do I need to pay a monthly fee and get phone support, or will someone eventually answer my ticket with a human response?

If you don’t want to pay the fee for callback support, you’re always welcome to use the Live Chat option. Looks like you have it enabled; Just click the “Chat Live” button at the top of any page in your web panel.

Posting about the issue here was probably the right way to go about it.

Leave your ticket number in this thread. Someone will see it and will look into the situation more closely and get it sorted out :wink:

EDIT: Slow typing! Someone with a clue is already here! Yay! :smiley:

Hrmm. I am not seeing Live Chat available in the Control Panel of the account I am working on. Where Would that be? When I put in a ticket, it gives the option to Pay to have live-chat…

Support Ticket: #5795690

Ah, yeah I was looking at another account you’re associated with. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for providing that ticket number! Looking into it now to see if I can do anything about this. Sit tight!

Bless you


Check out your Manage Domains page. Emailing you about it shortly. :wink:

Thanks!! The problem is resolved.

In this particular case, I understand that DreamHost must have some strict policies to prevent people from abusing the promo-system/
However, I must say that the initial response from Customer Support threw me for a loop. Usually, in the rare cases I have had to contact Dreamhost, my problems were dealt with promptly. In this case, the response was dismissive, and did not leave much hope for resolving.
In contrast, the response from Elle_s on the forum was prompt and courteous.