Frustrated --->

I just signed up with Dreamhost. I must say I’m a little frustrated at the moment. It just seems a little more complicated than other hosting services I’ve used in the past.
I’ve got three sites hosted under the code warrior plan.

I’ve had installers from GT trying to install linksSQL for the fast few hours and they are getting frustrated as well.

How are the servers configured here? They’re trying to get info like the complete path to the cgi bin which is in a folder “cgi-bin” in the site directory.
They need all this info:

Nothing seems to be working and I’m about to have an ulcer.

Can anyone help?



What don’t you get about those values? Can you be a little more specific? As in, which ones do youn know and which ones you don’t? Be careful not to post any passwords to this board.

Are you having problems setting up your MySQL database? have you configured it correctly through the Web Panel? Have you added a database? And then a hostname? And then an user? This often gets some people. I’ve done it myself where I add a database but forget to go back and set up the hostname and userid :-\


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Yeah… I did all that. These are people who install this script all the time and they are stalled as well.
I set up the mysql database and they have all that info…

Here’s an excerpt from the GT installer:

You mentioned something about a control panel? is it possible for me to get access to it? I need the full path the directories and there’s more to it then what shows up in ftp.>>

so i gave her access to the control panel and then she responded with:

<<I still can’t find it, could you ask your isp for the full path to the cgi-bin?>>

I’ve sent emails to DH support and so far they responded with <<Actually I couldn’t find that domain on our servers (that could be the
problem ;-)… what account is it supposed to be under?>>

The domain is hosted and live :frowning:



OK. FTP into your account.

Move into the directory you want this installation performed under.

Create a new directory called ‘cgi-bin’.

Go back to GT, and tell them that your CGI directory is:


No trailing slash.

Replace username with your username (your account name).

Replace domain with the domain you want this installed under, and the one you created your cgi-bin in.

The staff at GT are probably trying to find out the /home/username/domain part which they will not know with FTP.

Out of interest; who is helping you with this from GT?


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Thanks Wil…

Mel is helping me…

OK… in the DH ftp folder is a folder with
in that folder is a cgi_bin folder. Also in is another folder I created called fun_links where I had hoped LinksSQL would be installed.

so say my username is Jane would this be correct?


shucks… I’m a designer not a bleeding hacker :slight_smile:

Yeah. That would be correct.

Have you got shell access with your account? Maybe it would be an idea to give Mel shell access to your account and ler him :wink: go from there. Or maybe set up a new user in your Web Panel would be safer.


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I already gave her access to my control panel and that didn’t help…

oh woe…

The other thing to note is that FTP logins are chrooted, so if you try to go to:
or whatever, it won’t work… you have to go to:

I know this is kinda confusing (it’s actually in place mainly so as not to confuse people)… but anyway in a configuration file you need to specify the full path, but via FTP you need to specify the relative path.

Also, note that we don’t require CGI scripts to go in a specific place; if you want, you’re more than welcome to create a directory called ‘cgi-bin’ and place files there – but it’s not required.

k… just copied that… I’ll email Mel with it…

You rock Wil!

it worked Wil!

You’re my good luck charm…


Hi funnyo -

Thanks for signing up with us, and I apologize for the trouble you’ve been having.

Usually things go pretty smoothly with new sign-ups, but occasionally someone runs into trouble and it can certainly be confusing and frustrating for them.

Obviously this is not at all optimal - we want our customers to be happy, which in turn means they’re more likely to stick around. :>

It looks like you’re making progress, but once you’re done, can you post a message to the forums with any suggestions you may have for making the whole start-up process easier on new customers?

We ARE a bit different than a lot of other providers, and sometimes the extra flexibility we provide makes it harder to get started, and any ideas we run into to make it easier for the brand new customer to get up and running would be much appreciated. :>

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
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Thanks a lot for that Jeff…
Only problem now is I’ve been trying to connect via FTP this evening and it’s not happening… :frowning:


ok… back on track now…

I’ll give you guys the benefit of the doubt for a week…


I’ll give you guys the benefit of the doubt for a week…


Also, remember that if you’ve signed up within the last month, we have a 30 day money back guarantee.

If you want to leave and get your money back, just write in and ask. It doesn’t matter if we’re just confusing, you run into a bunch of problems, or simply decide you don’t like the color of our web site. :>

The guarantee applies to the cost of your plan and the setup fee… Things like domain registration or bandwidth overage aren’t included.

Of course, this will be a moot point, as (I hope) you’ll be a DreamHost convertee in far less than a month. :>

  • Jeff @ DreamHost
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Hmmm… my web site has been down way more times than it ever did with my previous host. It’s disheartening since I moved here because of all the nice things I’d heard about DH.
It’s down again as I type this and that’s worrisome…

Is there a temporary problem with the particular server or should I expect intermittent down times? We launch our new site Sept 4th and I’m quite uncomfortable…

Yes, you have a refund policy and all that but we all know how inconvenient it is to move sites and reconfigure things all over again…