Frustrated Question About Images on My Page

Hi I really hope someone can help me here.
I have been using Paint Shop Pro for the graphic design of my web page. I am finding that when I put the images I create onto my web page, there is a digital blur surrounding all the text in the images. Every image is getting this, but it is most visible on the header.
Please check it out at . How can I fix this??
I assumed it is some kind of resolution thing, so I tried creating the images at a higher resolution with no luck.
I’m stumped!
Looking forward to a response.

thats usually associated with jpg images, which your header is. Try saving the image as a png or gif

Ok I changed it to a png and its still the same!

your page is still loading the jpg image. Also, you need to make sure you save it from the original image, not resaving the jpg

I cannot see something blured in this site…