I love Dreamhost. I switched all my websites over to it a few months ago and it’s been so great.

But for the past month it has just sucked! The CPU loads are over 10.0 consistently, it takes forever to SSH in, and once every other day my website is down when I try to get to it and it’s down for about an hour. Please, somebody tell me that this isn’t going to become the norm for Dreamhost! My business just can’t suffer from this much downtime, no matter how awesome the benefits are provided by Dreamhost as compared to other hosting companies.

10.0 cpu load ?!!
On which server are you ?

Mail the support about it, there can be a problem on your server and they can find where it came from and fix it.

If it really doesn’t help, you can ask to change server.

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I’m on the server squirt, here’s my uptime:

[squirt]$ uptime
08:25:25 up 2 days, 16:19, 5 users, load average: 4.93, 22.38, 23.89

I have a friend on the server sparkletts who has a similar uptime, so I just assumed that was the same on all Dreamhost servers. Nice to hear that it isn’t, maybe I should change servers!

i understand where you are coming from. i am having the same problems from last week. slow slow slow.

i sent another ticket.

i don’t understand why customers have to keep on requesting to moved to another server. i thought the servers are being monitored.

and i love all the great advice from people on this forum that have DH coupons in their sigs. what is this a marketing opportunity?

Well, servers have their problems at times. And, gasp, so do the sites hosted on them! When this happens, you can either choose to live with it until it gets fixed or you can ask to bail to one that doesn’t have a problem that needs to be fixed. Most problems will take a non-trivial amount of time to fix because most support people will try to do root cause analysis rather than just reboot. Anyway, all this just to say that even if the servers are monitored and support is already on the problem, it sometimes makes sense to ask to be moved if you really need to be up.

I think this is an artifact of the fact that:

  1. You can’t have more than one sig and have it customized based on what forum you’re posting to.
  2. This is the forum for prospective DreamHost customers and some people, myself included, want to make sure that people who are discerning enough to come here to do research get good deals along with good advice.

To the OP: There does seem to be more complaining recently. Though this isn’t definitive, it might indicate that DH should investigate whether there has been a statistically significant increase in server load problems. Increases in the number of incidents of super-high loads could indicate a file server problem, increase in customers with runaway processes or that someone’s been hacked! If it’s cheap enough, maybe DreamHost could institute a policy of automatic migration of customers off of hosts with problems. And then if the problems follow them around we know where the problems lie! :wink:

Hope this helps!

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[quote]not all the advice offered in these forums come with a promo code attached - several of the “long-time” contributers here do not use them on the forums; it’s a matter of personal preference. :wink:


[squirt]$ uptime
11:47:29 up 3:15, 3 users, load average: 71.77, 52.25, 33.74

I still can’t really connect to my server and it’s been about 4 or 5 hours now. I do have a couple of tickets in though, so I do hope that they are doing things. I see they rebooted 3 hours ago.

This has been the standard operating procedure for me lately. I do hope that it gets fixed sometime soon!

i have more Internal Server Errors again just like last week. i was told over the weekend things were ok.

i said lets see on monday. well it’s here and it’s back to the same crap!

Some people do have a load problem. As we always suggest, if you encounter the problem constantly, send a ticket to support. They will always check the server and manage the users on the server. Sometimes they move your site to a better server.

I won’t say this problem is common in a shared server but it happens. I believe your site will be better after DH takes action.

send a ticket to DH.

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you are free to ignore any advice offered by people with a promo in their sig. I am sure they wont take offense :slight_smile:

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Always may mean without fail, but it certainly doesn’t mean without (a long and painful) delay. I’ve had a ticket open for over 19hours on one of my sites that is completely unreachable and I haven’t even had the courtesy of an automated we-got-your-ticket email. I’ve already started moving my mail to Google’s servers. I really don’t want to move my web sites elsewhere, but if I can’t use the site, I see no reason to continue to pay DreamHost for non-service.

I never ask to be moved, I prefer the “please fix my server option” and if that means kicking a cpu hog off my server I’m all for it. I see no reason to move servers, moving servers isn’t fixing a problem, its like trying to run from a problem.

It’s amazing the amount of desperation out there to get their $5. :smiley:

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I will agree. Sometimes it takes too long to get response from DH support. Maybe they are busy with punch of tickets :wink:

You won’t get an auto-email but you can see the ticket history in your panel. If you see it in DH panel --> Support --> Support History, it means they’ve received your ticket.

You are right. But I can’t think of any way to manage users on a server especially when more and more users know how to install plugins, applications, forums. I think the only way to solve the problem is to invent super server computers :stuck_out_tongue:

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