Frozen mail accounts? A strange problem


Something strange happened to a couple of mail accounts and I’m out of ides, would really appreciate some advice.

Two people suddenly started having their password rejected, I tried to change the password for one of them, and it said it would “take a few minutes” and after an hour had gone by, it still wouldn’t accept the new password on a webmail check. I also changed the password on a ‘test’ account I didn’t have any trouble with (that I know of) as a comparison, in case there is something wrong with the account itself.

Neither password changes seem to have kicked in for webmail, but they both work if you go to the mailboxes interface.

When I logged into the changed-password account through mailboxes, it was set to delete read messages when inbox reaches 250 messages or something like that, and I know there were over 500 messages (unread) in the account. Could these settings have done something to affect the account? I’ve since changed the settings to accommodate the actual amount of mail but the new password is still being rejected.

This has me baffled, any suggestions very much appreciated, there is some very important correspondence mixed in with the spam accumulating in these accounts.