can someone please tell me what is happening with this? when i go to enable the extensons, it says i wont be able to use php/cgi and webdav what does that mean? does it mean i wont be able to use php scripts or…? and why does it take ages, on my last host it was very quick!

also why does enabling them change my ip address and that it says i cant ftp to my site using:

A ltitle searching of the Knowledge Base:

“FrontPage runs inside the Apache server. Thus, when we enable FrontPage for a domain, everything for that domain must be owned by dhapache (the user that Apache runs as). There is no way around this.”

OK, for the clueless this means

  1. FrontPage extensions are managed by a different user than your FTP/shell user
  2. This means your FTP/shell user is out of the picture.
  3. Since the FTP/shell user is out of the picture, no CGI for you (it is not good to run CGI under dhapache, so it is restricted)

Also, since FrontPage runs inside the Apache server, they have to have a different set of servers and need to migrate you from the non-FrontPage servers. This involves changes to your DNS to use those servers, and it takes time for DNS information to propagate from DreamHost to the rest of the world. Same idea as switching from one host to another; like changing your phone number, its quick but then how long does it take to tell everyone you know what the new one is?

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The other thing to realize about frontpage and DH, is that even though it may take a bit to get it set up, it does actually work on DH unlike other hosts who say they have FP extensions installed.

You might also search this forum abtou frontpage. There’s been a lot of discussions about it here, and it’s allways a good idea to make sure you really want/need the extensions turned on - they really don’t get your very much.


Nah, the extensions are pretty useless in the long run. Frontpage codes funny anyway, so (IMHO) it’s better to stay away from it.

And you’ll want to know that DH doesn’t support ASP either, so Frontpage doesn’t have any advantages over other ‘standard’ tools.

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