Frontpage: Remote Web Site Properties help


I uploaded my site (without enabling frontpage extenstions) before through frontpage … but now I am having trouble connecting to the remote site (hard drive got reformatted)…

Under Remote Web Site Properies, I forgot what site remote web site location I have to put in. (Is it under FTP type??? for server type)
then Remote Web site location:
FTP directory: ???

Please help. I’m stuck.


G’day, stars.
I do not use M$ FrontPage, but you might like to try this:
[replace ‘’ with your domain name, and ‘username’ with your own]
server/host name: (or
remote directory: / (or /home/username/
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Uploading with Frontpage without enabling the extensions is done by using a remote address of something like .

That should get your files up where they need to go.

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